Why is it referred to as BostonFIG Talks and BostonFIG Learns?

In 2020 we will have two events back to back, on Saturday and Sunday Feb 22nd and 23rd. You could register for one, or both.

Did they have the same content?

Each event had it's own focus, speakers, and content.

BostonFIG Talks: The annual game-creators conference showcased industry speakers covering a variety of fascinating topics in the areas of game creation including; design, methodology, technology, art, process, business topics and more! This conference is suited for the independent professional or aspiring student.

BostonFIG Learns: The annual Learns conference brought together teachers, students, and education-focused games professionals for a day of sharing and learning. We covered hands-on learning games, museum games, classroom topics, academic research, student presentations, and more! This conferences is suited for professionals interested in the learning games space, academics, teachers, and students!